President`s Message

We are living in a time when woman can excel.

  • 21st century keywords for women are personal capability and human character.
    To establish true independence women must exhibit real and outward sociability.

  • I believe with certainty that a woman can succeed, beyond the gender gap and as a true member of society, if she establishes a broad minded attitude toward career and life.

  • Selling Pret-a-Porter fashion (high fashion ready to wear) clothing develops an understanding of the human mind and brings a realization the great depth of life.

    True service can be achieved by setting goals for personal advancement through heartfelt dialogue with our clients.
    The wearing of Pret-a-Porter fashion is a hallmark of the truly independent and forward oriented women. I believe association with such clients provides us with the opportunity for our own growth and development. I believe it is important that one develop his/her own unique character just as the cherry is a cherry and the plum is a plum.

  • Employee growth and development is a key principal which supports the foundation of our corporation.

    Our company’s management has the primary aim of making everyone happy in the work environment as well as in public and personal life.
    We have set our goal to build a corporation, though small, which is attractive and shines like a gem to all who interact with it.

    I hope you will enrich yourself and learn to better contribute to society through the process of Pret-a-Porter high fashion sales.

    Let us work together to achieve the goals of personal enrichment and of building a great corporation.

President & CEO Isako Ho